Monday, June 21, 2010

Heraldic Cotehardie

This is my project coming up... as soon as my Device is accepted!

An Update!!! I just purchased 12 yards of silk! It's all white so I will have to dye each color. And I plan on doing this dress all by hand. Big project!!! :)

August, 2010

So... I finally have got around to starting my heraldic cotehardie. I bought 12 yards of a beautiful white silk, and then dyed it green, black and red for the fabric I need. I used RIT dye, because I can easily find it at zellers and it`s cheap!

Next, I began fitting of the dress. To my dismay, my lovely man did not feel inclined to help me further then taking pictures so I`ve done the fitting myself. I`m sure once the dress is pieced together there will be need of further fitting. The first pic is the pre-fitting, the second is more fitted. You can see how much I cut off from the body panels.

And then cam the fun part! I had to divide the front and back panels, and side gores into `Gyronny eight`...

Once the panels were cut, I traced them onto the black and white fabric. I then cut them out given each piece a 1/2 seam allowance. I traced each piece in order to later help when I am hand stitching this whole puzzle together!

I also cut out the applique that will be added on to the front of the dress. This is a sneak peak at how it will look! Of course the panels that are shown here are for the back. The front panels will have a deeper neckline. Also, I have yet to cut out any side panels that will extend the pattern giving the dress a voluptuous skirt. Much yet to do... but I'll post up more pics as soon as I progress further.

To do list
1) red buttons for sleeves and down the front
2) cut out front/side panels
3) cut out sleeves
4) sew the damn thing together :)


December 13th, 2010

I just received my new linen, one being a lovely green. So I have the purrrrfect material for two new cotes, one that will suite my heraldic dress nicely.

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