Sunday, December 19, 2010

German Brickstich Project

This is my first attempt using a pattern I found from this website:

Here's my work so far... I'm watching a star wars marathon right now to help pass the time :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

My new embroidery frame!

Created by a loving member of my family!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Parti-Coloured Plaid Cotehardie

I found this awesome idea! And I just happen to have material that will work for the plaid! It's cotton, but I think I can ignore that fact for this one. I'm now just debating if I should use a dark fabric or light to oppose the plaid. I was thinking a nice white linen...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Award of Arms

Oooohh aaahhhh..............

Cotehardie Pictures... Finally!

These are the promised photos of the dresses I currently have and made (gave one away). I just ordered 5 yards of Royal Blue and Green Linen... so watch out more to come!

Red Woolen Cotehardie

So I donated one of my first dresses to a sweet little girl, and moved my pilgrims badges on this dress. I stitched the lacing eyelets by hand and most of the dress (info in earlier blog entry). I was rushing apparently too because I messed up on the lacing lol... but it does look lovely anyway! I really love how the four panel pattern fits so nicely over a woman's natural curves. Way better than the princess line!

Purple Linen Cotehardie

I'm wearing my two House badges for the SCA (ladies are not documented wearing these things lol). I LOVE how comfortable this dress is! My houses are; 'The Inn of the Tree and Cross' and the 'Hospitallers of Bordergate'.

Sideless Surcoat (Still a work in progress...)

I'll update on this project as soon as it's done! It's real rabbit fur too (made out of an old fur coat)! For now I have to get back to hand-stitching my heraldic dress! It's coming along nicely (just need to find time in my life).